Let's Get Down To Business



What You'll Get

+ Experienced Photographer

+ Fresh Visual Content

+ 35 Edited Photos Per 1 Hour Shoot

+ Additional Images Upon Request, For A Small Fee

Do you need visual content for your website, blog or social media, but it's super expensive? After launching my activewear line and quitting my full time job, I quickly had to cut my photography budget. That's when I decided to take it into my own hands. I now offer lifestyle, product and professional headshot photography to a number of clients. It's actually one of my favorite jobs - I love to see people light up and transform through out a photo shoot. 

INVESTMENT: $150/hour + 35 edited photos (1 hour minimum) *Or ask me about my monthly package*


What You'll Get

+ Brand Style Guide

+ A Dedicated Account Manager

+ Daily posting on Insta/Facebook

+ 1 Photo Shoot Per Month

+ Weekly 30 Minute Consultation

+ Monthly Analytic Reports

Social media is daunting! Where to post, when to post, what hashtags to use and how many? How to grow your following, influencer marketing... and many more questions you're probably asking yourself. I'm here to help! With consulting meetings, and an in-depth understanding of your goals for social media, I'm able to help craft and activate a strategy (and manage it) to keep your brand top of mind. We'll work together to implement a posting plan, merchandise calendar and create visual and written content to serve your customers and followers best. 

INVESTMENT: $1500/mo (3 month minimum, then month-to-month)


What You'll Get

+ A Dedicated Email Marketing Mgr

+ 6 Emails Per Month 

+ Content Creation

+ 1 Photo Shoot Per Month

+ Weekly 30 Minute Consultation

+ Monthly Analytic Reports

Get directly into your customers inbox with email marketing. Learn what they like, what they don't like, run promotions and increase engagement. I will provide you with monthly updates on click through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, list growth and email sharing and forwarding rate. We'll collaborate to form a plan and set goals for your email marketing strategy. 

INVESTMENT: $1000/mo (3 month minimum, then month-to-month)


What You'll Get

+ A Dedicated Blog Manager

+ 4 Blog Posts Per Month

+ Blog Sharing on Insta/Facebook + Email Marketing (if I am also managing your social media)

+ Content Creation

+ Monthly Analytic Reports

Content is king! And blogging is a great way to increase your website traffic. I particularly like creating Q&A's and interviewing people that resonate with your brand. It's a win for everyone. They get featured, you get content, and they will also share the feature, which will increase your website traffic. Another great way to engage your customers is to blog about your process and I'm here to help you do that! 

INVESTMENT: $800/mo (3 months minimum, then month-to-month)


What You'll Get

+ Influencer Outreach Manager

+ 1 Photo Shoot Per Influencer

+ Up To 15 Edited Photos

+ Content For Q&A 

+ Share Feature Across Insta/Facebook (if I am also managing your social media)

Influencer Marketing is an interesting beast! I've had very good and very bad experiences. One way that I was able to control the type of content I received and actually getting content in the first place was by setting up my own photo shoots with influencers, featuring them on my blog and treating it more like a partnership, rather than just sending out free gear and hoping for the best. I can do a photo shoot for you, with an influencer who is outfitted in your gear/showcasing your product, edit up to 15 photos, create a Q&A to feature the influencer on your blog and of course request that the influencer also shares the content across their social media platforms (because sharing is caring!). You will also have access to the images to share on your social media channels and website. 

INVESTMENT: $600/influencer marketing project